Kate's Calendar

17 June - Trooping The Colour.

July - The Duke and Duchess will make an official visit to Poland and Germany this July at the request of The Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


  1. FYI more details on the trip to Canada: one day visit to the Yukon. Likely on September 28 and will be joined by PM http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/trudeau-yukon-royals-visit-1.3704683

    1. Thank you very much for the info. I'll update the calendar and share it on Twitter :)

  2. Thank you for your up to date information! You do such a wonderful job of keeping us Americans in the loop!

  3. I've just read that both William and Kate are going to visit University of Manchester and their graphen institute on 14 Oct. Should you update perhaps?

  4. Kate has an engagement for world mental health with Will and Harry on October 10

  5. Kate has 2 engagements on March 9. "The Queen will unveil a new Iraq Afghanistan Memorial on 9 March and join a dedication service with the Royal Family"

  6. Hello :)
    Charlotte, would it be possible to have a list of Kate's past engagemenets with links to original posts (I mean 2017)?
    Thanks for your response :)

  7. Two new engagements for Kate:

    1.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will officially open @thegacademy in support of headstogether

    2.The Duke of Cambridge will attend a screening of the @BBC’s 'Mind over Marathon' Documentary, which features members of #TeamHeadsTogether

  8. Engagements for kate's may 11 trip to luxembourg has been announced
    Some of the events Kate will see will be in celebration of the cultural ties between Luxembourg and U.K. These events include (not in order of visits that day)

    1. Meet with leading young Luxembourgers
    2. Visit Place Clairefontaine
    3. Tour a cycling themed festival
    4. Visit to Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art

  9. William chose very in marrying Catherine. They seem so nice and relaxed in their duties. I like how down-to-earth they are. This American thinks they are terrific.

  10. Charlotte, i read in belgium media today that Kate and William will go to Belgium on the 7th of June in Mesen (http://m.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20170511_02876477). The article is in Dutch so maybe it's difficult for you to understand. The're going for a remembrance ceremony for the first world war. Maybe you already no, but i taught i would inform you. Kind Regards

  11. Kate will attend the commemoration of Battle of Messines in Belgium June 7 says Mesen mayor.Presumably as W Colonel Irish 🍀Guards

  12. Thank you very much Tinneke and EriqL :)

  13. Will and kate may be embarking on a scandanavian tour at some point this year
    Gert's royal Tweet:
    "Prince William said to a Norwegein Guest at the Garden Party. They may be going to Norway, on a Scandanavian Tour."


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